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The only Discord bot you will need.

Your multi-purpose bot, with every function you need. See images from the mars, moderate your server easily, create polls with result and more!


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Moderation System

Our bot features a powerful moderation system, allowing you to keep your server organized and secure.

With features such as kick, ban, and mute, you can quickly take action against disruptive users.

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Economy System

Luigi also features a fun economy system. Try to get money by using different commands and mini-games! Can you be richer then your friends and get on the global leaderboard?

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Create polls with analytics, directly on discord. Luigi will make sure that no user is voting twice and will give you a chart of the result.

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Science Features

View pictures from the Mars rovers and learn something new every day with the astronomical picture of the day. You can also get information about chemical elements and see all humans that are currently in space!

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Leveling System

A must-have for every server. Keep your server active with the leveling system!

Leveling is a module of Luigi that gives users xp for chatting. Users receive between 3 and 5 xp per message. If an user reaches a certain amount of xp, they levels up.

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Many other features

In addition to all the other mentioned features Luigi also provides a variety of other features like commands to get information about users or to get Minecraft statistics for a Minecraft account.


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Luigi is a great bot. I really like its great features. I only recommend this bot.



It's a great bot, I especially like the science section



It's a really good bot, in the beginning it had some flaws, but they are mostly all fixed. What I really like is, that it has many different functions and not just the basic stuff. So all in all a great Bot.

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